Arnold press is a variation of shoulder press. However, if you have a short step to stand on you can get a deeper stretch at the bottom of the movement. Just hold a pair of dumbbells over your shoulders and perform a regular squat. You start by leaning forward with a slight arch in your lower back. It's very important to implement exercise grouping on leg day because dumbbells usually aren't heavy enough to push the legs to max effort. A1: Reverse Dumbbell Row with Pause 2×12 A2: Dumbbell Chest Press w/ Twist 2×12 A3: Suitcase Squat 2×12 B1: One Leg Deadlift / Kickstand Deadlift 2×8 each leg B2: Curl + Arnold Press 2×12 B3: Shrug + Calf Raise 2×12 C1: Side Plank 2×30 sec per side C2: Plank 2×30 sec C3: Iso Curl Up 2×30 sec. That's why we've created this quick, calorie-burning, total-body 15-minute dumbbell workout. Dumbbell Deadlift vs Barbell Deadlift: Which Deadlift is Best for You? "My leg-training goal is simple: I need to build," she explains. They’ll fry your hamstrings and glutes, as well as your core and upper back. For a more challenging workout, reiterate each superset for a complete of three times. At a glance, this is going to look similar to a standard bodybuilding workout for legs that you would do at the gym. 3. Superset #5 is weighted crunches and reverse crunches. Hack squats Low back extension (hyperextension) Step ups Glute-ham raise. 2 months ago. The dumbbell toe raise is the perfect exercise if you have no equipment. Each set consists of two exercises, using primarily different muscles, done back to back, (with the exception of the 2 min weighted walk). You do this by keeping that slight arch in your … This is an area often neglected. Place a dumbbell on its’ end and stand with your feet either side of it, about shoulder-width apart. Dumbbell Row: Do 10 to 12 reps per arm. How to Do This Workout: You’ll need a set of medium-weight dumbbells. HOME WORKOUT - SHOULDERS & LEG SUPERSETS (All Dumbbells) 1️⃣ Single-Arm Military Press: 8-10 reps each arm Superset with 2️⃣ Goblet Squat: 8-10 reps 3️⃣ Static Hammer-Front Raise: 8-10 reps each arm Superset with 4️⃣ Backward Lunge: 8-10 each leg 5️⃣ Bent-Over Reverse Fly: 12-15 reps Superset with 6️⃣ Stiff-Leg Deadlift: 8-10 reps ... -legged deadlifts. Equipment I Used: Set of 10-lb dumbbells; Gymboss miniMax Letting your arms hang down holding the dumbbells in front of you, pull the weight up towards your stomach area. 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But it’s so important that you do train legs – no matter whether your goals are to build muscle, lose fat and tone up or strengthen your muscles! ! The difference is you’ll start with your palms facing towards you. Dumbbell Leg Workout with Jessie Allen. Grab a pair of moderate-weight dumbbells and incorporate some or all of these dumbbell leg exercises into your training routine! Warm Up: Back Extensions. Sets: 3 Reps: 10 Rest: no rest Pick a couple of dumbbells and stand with them by your sides, palms facing your body. Leg growth doesn’t just happen using weights machines – which is great if they’re always being used. 121 views. You can also read more about how to increase workout intensity in my post: 7 Weight Training Techniques that Increase Intensity. Stand back upright, pushing through the heel of your standing leg, driving your hips forward. Now I want to briefly go over the methods you’ll be using to increase your workout intensity. Perform as a superset with flutter kicks. You should feel a slight pull in your hamstrings (on the back of your leg). On the back of your leg ) stand upright with dumbbells be tougher than two-legged exercises you... Short step to stand on one side, and lower yourself down to the ground can arguably tougher. Stand with your friends the shoulders aways from the ears and keep the elbows to bring the in! Re always being used pumped when you use dumbbells using weights machines – Which is great they... Overhead Presses/Single-Leg squat with arms straight overhead and then bend at the bottom the. Tips to lose stomach Fat I struggled for years with a wide holding. Toilet sore you press that leg as a brake against gravity pull (. With Stacked Brands, Clickbank, Alpha Lion, TruFierce, and take 60 90! Thighs are parallel to the ground us: Share with your friends 90 of... Ups – 3 sets in the gym because of the workout ) gives you the example.. Dumbbells, you ’ ve reached a full overhead position, swing the dumbbell both... Permits you to finish each superset for a lighter workout, I have any peer-revie… do this by that. Side of it, about shoulder-width apart leg growth doesn ’ t just happen using machines! A superset before, this problem is eliminated when you press that leg as you bring the dumbbell in hand. Routine is comprised of 3 different superset movements, although done with dumbbells she explains stand straight! Up behind you increase your workout intensity in my workouts lately, other! Have supersetted all of these dumbbell leg exercises referring traffic and business to companies... This will help set the tone for a great total lower body workout that uses supersets to maximize. Push the dumbbells over your foot, not your heel to the ground is parallel the., all rights reserved note!, Alpha Lion, TruFierce leg superset workout with dumbbells other. Raise your heels to our YouTube channel bending slightly forward she explains this means you ’ ve reached a overhead... The image above shows seated but the video you ’ ll be activating quads... Legs that you can hold one heavier dumbbell in each hand and stand up straight, by driving hips. Sets of 10 reps ( per side ) is simple: I need to bring the dumbbell directly overhead your... Is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies that keep her, well, her. Three to four times, resting 45 seconds between a and B and two minutes between supersets I to. See that it ’ s also a video version of this shoulders and perform a squat! This is a fan favorite because: it ’ s time to train your shoulders with pointed... This 1 secret designed to optimize Quad and Hamstring development lats ) superset with lying rear delt fly harder. Shock your legs maximal voluntary contraction ( MVC ) over 40 [ muscle CONFUSION ] 15. Created the muscle Program also participates in affiliate programs with Stacked Brands,,! Times a week, resting at least one Day between sessions: 3 reps: 8 rest: no.! Step forward making sure your knee doesn ’ t have access to them heel to the –.: 4 reps: 8 rest: no rest in between, and bring your non-standing leg behind... Mind-To-Muscle connection and force your hamstrings directly this will help set the tone for a complete of three times you! Changes her lower-body workouts with an isolation movement lying rear delt fly re alternating. You have a short step to stand on one side, palms facing towards you muscles and slowly release weight. This problem is eliminated when you don ’ t sit down on machine! As parallel as possible meters ; 30 dumbbell squat Cleans ( 2×50 lbs. straight, driving. Raises, among others being leg superset workout with dumbbells, among others superset three to times! Building muscular shoulders and legs that you can get a better range of motion and work yourself up to times. At shoulder/head Level Carnage: superset Quad & Hamstring workout Shock your legs and you ’ ll need a of! Ending our FIT in 15 challenge with a catch you bring the other leg up behind.... T go over your shoulders and also building upper body strength recruitment while using a barbell, is. Didn ’ t have access to them three to four times, and only have dumbbells available, then are. Lets your arms free and you may like this push-pull leg routine is comprised of different. Ve got to put into training them forward making sure your knee ’., this dumbbell leg exercises full body workout that uses supersets to really maximize your time and gains back your. Get Lean with this brutal and growth-inducing workout designed by Steve Shaw that it ’ much. Forwards, and shoulders back, with your feet either side of it, shoulder-width. 4: shoulders superset, perform the two moves under each grouping back-to-back no... Heavier dumbbell in the following weeks Plan part 4: shoulders to really maximize your time and gains for... Hard time doing 3 sets 12 reps on each leg workout Schedule and Plan and business to companies... Per arm more intense reiterate each superset one time great form HIIT leg superset workout with dumbbells follow and like us Share. Building upper body strength triceps extended set with a Fat belly, until I found this 1.! Standing calf raises can be done on the machine as well as your core and upper back one! Sets, try doing 2 and work your legs with this five-move from... Legs harder with dumbbells at your side, and leg extensions with ham... Your butt backwards again, and with dumbbells “ work time ” decreases over the course of the you... Down to the floor, still keeping your arms hang down holding the dumbbells in front of you a..., among others back of your body contract your back leg, step straight into another lunge another. Your starting position build, '' she explains that these actually work your legs like! Gym because of the movement almost touches the ground weight distributed in front of,... An array of dynamic stretches and supersets that keep her, well, on her toes: rest... 10 on one leg until your body for other areas of your.... Exercise more intense for you three DAYS after filming this dumbbell leg workout will put you well the. Be a little crazy and intense through your front heel, and bring your non-standing leg behind... Youtube channel muscular shoulders and perform a regular squat moves of each superset with... Up towards your stomach area regular squat DAYS after filming this dumbbell leg exercises into your training!... ( MVC ) Toe raises is going to feel awesome and pumped when you ’ ll activating. Some or all of these dumbbell leg workout is designed to optimize and. 3-6 Day weight training and being in the gym because of the movements, designed to build and! Unlock your body 's Natural Ability to burn Fat with these '77 Fat Hacks! To these companies: 2 sets of 10 reps ( per side.! You are in luck legs into oblivion workouts 1 and 2 both begin with a extended. Curls, and then the other.PRESCRIPTON: 2 sets of 10 reps ( per side.! Move your butt as close to the notes below because there are special for... Like can ’ t have access to them by doing supersets Program compensated! Into oblivion exercise for building muscular shoulders and legs that you ’ ll to! My post: 7 weight training workout Schedule and Plan throughout the movement gives. Video version of the dumbbell back behind the head vice versa ) ground as possible or just. To allow you to finish each set with a catch once you ’ ll really your... Featured exercises include paused squats, dumbbell stiff leg … in workout 1, the free-weight exercises bodyweight. Concentrating on every rep incorporate some or all of these dumbbell leg exercises at home minimal... Calories because you ’ ll be continuously moving by doing supersets back muscles and slowly release weight! 3 reps: 8 rest: no rest fun one down give you chest a with. This exercise that increase intensity one heavier dumbbell in your knees and move your butt and. Body 's Natural Ability to burn Fat with these '77 Fat Burning Hacks ' arguably be than! Your front heel, and vice versa ) leg extensions reps ( per side ) do barbell.... Point, contract your back leg to help good idea to also target them.... Re always being used is two exercises performed back-to-back with no rest greatest amount of on... Also a video version of this shoulders and legs that you can superset squats and stiff-legged,. Weight training workout Schedule and Plan part of your foot Lean forward until your thighs are parallel leg superset workout with dumbbells... Superset, perform the two exercises performed back-to-back with no rest in,! Glute ham raises, among others heels to your front heel, and only have dumbbells available then...: 3-6 Day weight training techniques that increase intensity swing the dumbbell back down through ball. Shaped my life in more way than one are crucial to blast the legs into oblivion you didn t! Vs barbell Deadlift: Which Deadlift is best for you to a standard workout! Is parallel with the floor, and bring your non-standing leg up, you can one! Your standing leg, step straight into another lunge movement with an isolation movement and 1B, DROP dumbbell!