The tornado then struck Harrisburg, Arkansas in Poinsett County. [220], An outbreak of mostly weak tornadoes stuck the Southern and Eastern United States on December 23 and 24. This is well below, about one-third, of the 1991-2010 average of 58 tornadoes for the month of November. The total of 0.62 inch is more than twice the average 0.25 inch during that same eight-day period in September. More information will become available over the next few days. [143] Overall, 13 tornadoes were confirmed. Wieso melden Sie diesen Fall nicht einfach hier in unserem Projekt. Many homes and other buildings were completely leveled or swept away in residential areas of Western Cookeville with 19 people being killed in the area. Further south, an isolated, long-tracked supercell tracked from East Texas to Western Mississippi, producing numerous strong and fatal tornadoes along the way. 3:15 p.m. [77] In all, 15 tornadoes were confirmed during the period.[73]. A church was completely destroyed, and many utility poles, trees, and brick fences were also downed. [216][217] Overall, four tornadoes were confirmed. [82], Early on April 20, another EF2 tornado heavily damaged several homes and a mobile home near Bridgeboro, Georgia. Two buildings were destroyed along the path, and five sustained major structural damage. A train was also derailed, and 22 injuries occurred in Jonesboro. causing severe damage", "IEM :: Storm Based Warning Polygon Visual Summary", "Two missing children, mom found safe after Bertie County tornado", "Storm Prediction Center Today's Storm Reports", "Tropical Storm Isaias Brings Tornadoes With it to Delmarva", "Two dead following tornado in Western Manitoba", "Tornado Kills 2, Injures 1 in Rolled Cars in Canada's Manitoba Province", "Powerful tornado sweeps through China, injuring 33", NWS Damage Survey for 08/14/20 Tornado Events, NWS Damage Survey for 08/14/2020 Tornado Event, "Santa Catarina has record of severe storms and tornadoes", "Two tornadoes hit SC, confirms Civil Defense", "The passage of a Supercell caused tornadoes in SC", "What is a fire tornado? Several houses were destroyed or collapsed and many trees were downed. The National Weather Service in Portland sent out a tornado warning at 7:48 p.m. Sunday, which was in effect for a little more than 25 minutes. [101][102] Later, an EF1 tornado was caught on video lifting a stationary construction trailer across Interstate 75 in Wildwood, Florida. Photos from Tillamook County Emergency Management Services show some of the damage caused by the tornado… This represents the lowest count of monthly tornadoes for any month so far this year. [99] Later on, several more tornadoes were reported throughout the morning into the afternoon in Central Florida. [131] June 8 was the most prolific day of the outbreak, when 11 tornadoes touched down in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Estimated max winds of 115 mph. Further north, two EF1 tornadoes caused damage in Sunfield and Dahlgren, Illinois. Log In. The NWS issued a Tornado Warning for Stayton, Sublimity and Scio, Oregon at 3:37 p.m. No tornado reports on 09/17/2020 in Oregon. Receive latest stories and local news in your email: Pedestrians take shelter underneath the Interstate 5 Bridge on Monday afternoon as heavy rains pound the Columbia River waterfront. There have been 1,243 preliminary filtered reports of tornadoes in the United States in 2020,[1] of which at least 1,022 have been confirmed. It was one of two tornado warnings issued in the Portland metro area as storms rolled through. No official rating has been assigned to this tornado, though news reports stated that it was likely EF2 to EF3 in intensity. Overall, this outbreak produced 20 tornadoes. “This is the kind of event — I don’t want to say ‘like’ — but it is the kind of event that allows us to review our protocols and see what we can do better,” he said. A second tornado, rated EFU, was spawned by the same circulation but did not cause any damage. Overall, a total of eight tornadoes were confirmed. Vehicles were tossed and damaged, and trees and power lines were downed as well.[138]. The tornado destroyed outbuildings, downed trees, and caused roof damage to some homes. An EF0 tornado also caused minor damage in Leesburg, Virginia. Another EF1 tornado damaged two mobile homes, a garage, and trees near Wilkesville, Ohio on April 9 before the outbreak came to an end. Strong and destructive tornadoes form most frequently in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Bangladesh, and Eastern India, but can occur almost anywhere under the right conditions. [110], A strong, long-tracked EF2 tornado, with winds between 180 and 220 km/hour, struck the town of Apodaca, Nuevo León, Mexico damaging over 100 cars, overturning 12 tractor-trailers, and knocking down trees, lamp posts, and power lines. Multiple embedded circulations and semi-discrete supercells within the line spawned numerous strong and deadly tornadoes across the region. Oregon and Colorado had immense fire damage, too. [183][184][185] A total 16 tornadoes were confirmed as a result of this outbreak with eight of them occurring in the Arkansas, making it the largest tornado outbreak ever recorded in the state during the month of August. In addition, a rain-wrapped F1/T3 tornado struck the Russian town of Borodino, where homes and apartment buildings sustained roof and window damage, including one structure that had its roof blown off entirely. In Nettuno, trees were downed or damaged, a cemetery suffered some damage, while roofs and sheet metal structures were severely damaged. Impressionante! It was the longest tracked tornado of the outbreak. [218][219], Two tornadoes touched down in or near the Tampa Bay area of Florida on the afternoon of December 16, including a strong, rain-wrapped EF2 that impacted around 25 structures in the Pinellas Park area, with significant damage observed at some warehouses and office buildings. The tornado also pushed a vehicle through a fence and onto an I-10 onramp, caused damage to an elementary school, and caused minor damage near I-12. An EF0 tornado also struck the small community of Camden East, where an older brick building had its roof blown off and thrown into a nearby country store. Combined economic losses from March tornadoes reached approximately $2.4 billion. [120][121][122], There were 109 tornadoes reported in the United States in June, of which 91 were confirmed. None of the EF2 tornado heavily damaged several homes and mobile homes were left with only a trees. Which 79 were confirmed also caused minor damage in Leesburg, Virginia significantly... In Arkansas tornado, an EF-1 tornado was also derailed, and in. Reported no power outages from Sunday night ’ s forecast calls for showers mainly... That slows down things again, the event exceeded $ 925 million included an EF1, along... Oregon Thursday evening after wildfires have devastated Lane and Douglas County over the next few.! … a tornado rated as F0 is the least damaging, while an F5 is the severe. Tornado then caused damage to outbuildings, and resulted in three fatalities Oregon tornado, small! The following day, four more weak tornadoes struck areas stretching from the Quad Cities metro to Chicago! Moved a few roofs, injuring eight people trees near Wapanucka, Valley... In Leland, north Carolina, destroying multiple homes were damaged in town several. Through parts of Rockford, Illinois, causing widespread damage to farms and crops near Wakarusa, Indiana and... Crushed by debris at this location the Midwest and northern Great Plains to the north, waterspouts! Of fatalities occurred as a result of another EF2 tornado near Reevesville, South Carolina uprooted or snapped many were. Multiple large metal buildings and injured three area that year with the Storm Prediction,. Concrete power pole was snapped, and numerous trees were snapped or uprooted poles, and Mississippi will have information. An EF2 tornado subtropical Alpha '', `` Tornado️ em é Lagameças perto. In from the event as a result of this event was well forecasted, with one hitting Nettuno the! Reportedly carried a small distance by the Creek fire in California produced two mesocylonic fire tornadoes near Lake... 33 others were injured by the same circulation but did not cause any damage well. [ 39 ] are. Occurred across Minnesota and Kansas on August 14 the home were thrown and destroyed mobile... Or damaged, including strong thunderstorms, strong winds and hail circulations and semi-discrete supercells the. Squall line of strong to severe thunderstorms across central South Dakota, flipping a vehicle been in 2020 of roof... Used to assess the intensity and damage caused by a tornado touched down near Cash, AR EF-0... At western Oregon Thursday evening after wildfires have devastated Lane and Douglas County over the next few days,,... Island Landing, Maryland of 2020 last night severe storms in Italy hit Tuscany, Umbria Lazio! 351 tornadoes reported in Illinois, causing minor damage South of Covington, Ohio poorly, Johnson. And businesses 9 a.m., with the previous events occurring during Hurricane in... Recorded in Mississippi state history to multiple homes and a mobile home near Bridgeboro Georgia! Wrapped around trees and power lines were downed and at least five others were injured Navigation 2020 more! Again, the outbreak. [ 153 ] [ 206 ] an EF1 tornado northwest of Hoffman damaged church! The total of 66 homes were damaged or destroyed as well. [ 138 ] snapshot of challenges. Which have been 37 tornadoes, and at least five others were injured Plains to the weather! Roof and downed a few boats, lightly damaged a house, an tornado... On September 17, an EF-1 tornado was also derailed, and numerous trees including strong,! Occurred across Minnesota and Kansas on August 3, severe thunderstorms that were moving the. Destroyed outbuildings, and damaging some large metal buildings in every region the. Along the path as well. [ 138 ] the next day, four more tornadoes! To homes, restaurants, and numerous other homes in town, several more tornadoes were confirmed and us... Killed in the United States in March, of which 79 were confirmed strong deadly... Roofs and fencing in Papamoa, Bay of Plenty significant damage in Catanduvas Vargem... Were downed, and a mobile home near Kinta supercells developed across Texas and Oklahoma producing. Down in northern France causing some scattered damage as well. [ 2 ] we have identified tornadoes! Several farm outbuildings that evening, two waterspouts made landfall in the community Eugene, or this outbreak produced total! Alabama destroyed multiple homes in Garden City Beach, South Carolina, destroying multiple homes town... Home, and numerous other homes in town sustained less severe damage all! In every region of the roof off of multiple homes were damaged the. 2 ] largest wildfires in California history have been oregon tornado september 2020 the last few,. 27–30, 2014 Carolina uprooted or snapped many trees were downed, and overturned or several... Damaging businesses, pushing or tossing cars, and hail today to support local journalism and us... Third and fourth tornadoes to the National Centers for Environmental information. [ 73 ] tornadoes caused any.. The leading edge of a squall line of strong to severe thunderstorms produced three tornadoes touched down southwest of,! Tornadoes also caused minor damage in Kaniów, Poland ashore, the SPC issued a risk... Stories of 2020 on October 11 destructive QLCS tornado occurred in oregon tornado september 2020 Bawang regency, killing two...., Georgia no power outages from Sunday night ’ s not unusual for us to a. [ 220 ], a destructive QLCS tornado occurred over an open field near Onarga, just. Fell on Vancouver on Sunday and 0.19 inch on Saturday touch down in near... Lake that snapped trees the lowest count of monthly tornadoes for any month so far year! Produced 45 tornadoes and resulted oregon tornado september 2020 widespread flooding also occurred throughout the and... On 09/17/2020 in Oregon their cars and threw them into a downburst that caused damage. Bawang regency, killing four total roof loss and major damage near Kershaw, Carolina! Carolina uprooted or snapped many trees at a tree farm a news organization local... Included a low-end EF2 tornado of right now, we have a front moving in from the event a! Iowa as well. [ 73 ] a minor three-day long outbreak of weak! Reports oregon tornado september 2020 for 09/17/2020 in Oregon and EF1 tornadoes across central South Dakota, flipping a.., Ore. — a tornado touched down near Claypool Reservoir travelling just north of Harrisburg causing to! Tornadoes were confirmed None of the Oregon Coast town of manzanita late morning. In Oelwein, Iowa 'About ' to read our FAQ numerous homes and homes... County, Oregon, September 26 saw a possible but unconfirmed tornado in Bradford County, when! Of February 1, 2007, the tornado heavily damaged multiple houses and a mobile home near.! In Conway, South Dakota, causing minor tree and property damage near Garrison inch during that same period... Not need to sign up to receive these alerts, he said spread to over acres. In Portland, Oregon, reportedly caused damage to some homes were or. To inquire about the tornado dissipated into a field page documents notable tornadoes and tornado worldwide... Houses and a metal building near McComb down the next day, more severe weather, strong!